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Many of you are probably wondering, what is Mario and Luigi: Plan Z? I've got the answer for that! Mario and Luigi Plan Z is basically a revenge retell story of the game, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door! Just in case you don't know about the game, these are the main details: Mario is sent a legendary treasure map to find the ancient gems called 'Crystal Stars'. These stars aren't just ordinary gems, however. The Crystal Stars are the seven individual keys to the legendary and mysterious 'Thousand-Year Door'! Legend has it, that the bearer of such gems will receive the unbelievable power to open the Thousand-Year Door! I've played the game and beat it, but I'll have to play it again to jog my memory. Like I said, there are seven Crystal Stars, but they're scattered individually all around the Mushroom Kingdom! I know what's behind the Thousand-Year Door, but I won't tell because it'll ruin the surprise for the whole series! That's basically the Paper Mario: Thousand-Year Door story. Now, the revenge part is Bowser because he wants to finally beat Mario with the secret that lies behind the Thousand-Year Door! This version of the story is revamped to suit a Dragon-Ball Z fighting style! All your average power-ups, close-range fighting, action and more! Plus, the episodes will be divided by chapter for organization. But like all chapter stories, there will be a prologue, where most of the info will be spilled. Who will gather the Crystal Stars first? Watch the episodes when we complete them, one-by-one and find out! Hope you enjoy the series!   

Main Characters/Heroes


Description: Mario acts as the leader for the group. He's also the older brother to Luigi. Strong and brave, he has proved his title as the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom many times, but in this series, he will be reminding you of his strength and power-ups that you may recognize all over again!

Fighting Style-Balanced: When fighting, Mario uses strength, combos and items. He mainly uses his hammer to do major damage in quick-thinking situations. He sometimes pairs up with his brother to do massive damage.


Description: Luigi is the lean and green younger brother of the Mario Bros. and, in his own way, a hero. He is easily frightened by ALOT of things, but in the heat of battle he shows his strong side. Before the Mario and Luigi RPG series, he was known to stay at home to protect the home-front, but not this time! In spite of his lack of courage...or strength, Luigi's using his extreme jumping skills and useful power-ups in Mario and Luigi Plan Z! Lets-a-go!!

Fighting Style-Defensive: When fighting he pairs up with either Mario, Yoshi, or any other team member, using his hammer to do damage for him because of his lack of strength.


Description: Yoshi is a devoted member of the team. He once almost fought against his own kind trying to protect Mario. His classic Flutter Jump and Egg Throw techniques take whole new levels in Mario and Luigi: Plan Z! He may look nice, but he packs a punch! Yoshi also seems to take charge in organizing and sticky situations, and is the main translator for Mario and Luigi since neither of the Mario Bros. speak much English...

Fighting Style-Speed: When fighting, he sometimes uses his extremely long and flexible tongue to snag his opponents and fling them. One of his famous combos is using his Flutter Jump to repeatedly kick foes from above, and them slamming them to the ground with his trademark 'Ground Pound' move(Yoshi Barrage-combo respectively owned by the animator of Mega Sonic Bros. AF). He sometimes even teams up with Mario or Luigi to do massive damage! 

Minor Characters/Friends


Parakarry is one of the (even though we don't know any others...) dedicated mail koopas that travels around the Mushroom Kingdom delivering (and searching for) letters to every inhabitant of the Mushroom Kingdom. His first game appearance was in Paper Mario 64 as one of Mario's partners. To this day, Parakarry has been by Mario's side when he's in sticky situations and even vice-versa! Parakarry will be first seen in MLPZ Ep. 1 to deliver a letter to the Mario Bros. and flying off, oblivious to the danger that's about to overcome him...

Fighting Style-Acrobatic: When fighting, Parakarry mainly uses air-diving kicks and his shell to bash into enemies. He also uses his shell to crawl into for defense. Being a smart fighter, Parakarry use his surroundings to his advantage, especially if there are lots of walls to crash his enemies into to!


Princess Peach

(Although Princess Peach won't be in the first episode of MLPZ,it doesn't hurt to have a description!)
Description: The devoted princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. She is very well-mannered and kind to everyone---even to Sonic and Shadow when they first came to the Mushroom Kingdom, in search of the Chaos Emeralds. In Mario and Luigi Plan Z, her role is basically the same as Super Mario Bros. Z: coming to important events and staying at either her castle or the Mario Bros.' house, tending to the wounded. Even though she has a tendency to get kidnapped by Bowser one way or another, Mario and Luigi are always there to spring into action!

Professor Elvin Gadd

A great scientist who made his first game appearance in Luigi's Mansion. He invents gadgets to help Mario and the gang on their journey. When he invents them, however, their names could be quite tricky to pronounce due to his quirky nature. In episode 1, he is sent a letter from the princess by Parakarry to come to the Obstacle Course race on Yoshi's Island so he would have some excitement after being cooped up in his lab all day.



Description: Mario and Luigi's arch nemesis, the evil king koopa, himself, Bowser! Just as evil as he is powerful, Bowser has somehow managed to get his hands on the priceless Thousand-Year Door map, the locator to finding the legendary Crystal Stars and defeat Mario once and for all! Being the showoff that he is, he broadcasts live on the Mushroom Kingdom News about his new plan. He reveals the location of the first Crystal Star. Where could it possibly be????

Fighting Style-Powerful: Bowser uses his brawly strength to his advantage when fighting. He attacks with deadly punches and even deadlier kicks. Being that he's a koopa, he can also climb into his large, spiked shell to go on the offensive or defensive.

Bowser Jr.

Description: The son of evil king koopa himself, Bowser Jr.! He may look small, but this pint-sized koopa can be just as strong as his dad at times! He makes his first debut in the series to battle a certain parakoopa...

Fighting Style-Balanced: When fighting, he uses his trusty paintbrush to whack his opponents silly. He can also use his shell, like all koopas, to climb inside for defense or attacking matters. It is also known that he can use his paintbrush to transform into a blue clone of who we all know...

Other Characters


A very braniac toad, possibly the smartest of his kind! He makes his first appearance in MLPZ to report the incident of Bowser's new plan. (HINT: He'll be voiced by yours truly!)


Bowser's long-time serving minoions. They are very distinctive koopas since they don't share the same color as regular koopas, which makes them unique to Bowser. He will make his first appearance in the series by letting go of a frightened Toad Town civillian.