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Prologue: Plan Z!

MLPZ Episode 1: The Dawn of A New Adventure! King Bowser's Scathing Plan!

It's finally finished! Over pretty much a year of working on episode 1 Part 1 of Mario and Luigi Plan Z, it's finally finished! The season premiere of Mario and Luigi Plan Z!
Summary: When the Mario Bros. receive a letter of a friendly obstacle course challenge, they are happy to participate. But after finding out Bowser's scheme, the Mario Team of the bros. and Yoshi, put the competition on hold, to thwart Bowser once again! And where did Parakarry disappear to after the mail delivery? Find out! Enjoy part 1!

1.) The Invitation 2:50
2.) Yoshi 4:25
3.) The Training Begins 6:09
4.) Transformation 7:23
5.) Dodgeball Dodge 7:50
6.) SUDDEN DEATH! 8:40
7.) The Final Score Tally 9:20
8.) Professor E. Gadd 10:05
9.) Bowser Enters the Picture... 10:45
10.) Ancient Treasure 11:32
11.) The New Radar 12:02
12.) Plan Z is Under Way! 12:40
13.) The Battle Lines Have Been Drawn! 13:38
(P.S. RPGfan, in no way I was trying to steal your beginning of the episode or the DS Radar! I didn't even know your series existed until earlier this year, and we were working on this since last year November! So don't call me a thief, 'cause I didn't mean to steal anything! But about the DS Radar, I kinda got that idea from you, while adding in some new twists! So once again don't call me a thief!)